Traum V148 - Microtrauma - Reflection EP

Microtrauma went through the roof with "Circulate" and now it is time to bring a follow up on Traum.
To talk about Microtrauma means also to talk about versatility and so we are confronted here with an massive 5 track EP. "Reflection" cuts through the big layers of modulating sounds with slashing snares and stiletto sharp sequences. It is also a voyage, a trip to higher meadows… or rather a mission. Yes, Microtrauma follow a mission and "Reflection" is the first but an important stage for this EP.
  "Blütenstaub" describes in the best possible way Microtrauma's hi tech appeal that lingers in all tracks of theirs... but here it shows its enormous richness. This track will make a tiger run in circles and us propelling and sweating... this is hi energy hypnotic dance with the intensity and the baseline of microwaves beams.
  "Reflection" in the remix version comes from "go to guy" Egbert. Egbert is a true follower of the techno spirit and he rides the sounds like a surfer the waves at the shore. There is no way back for Egberg, there is no point of return, just stay in there and take each step as it comes. This is a grand remix and sure for the bigger floors a sheer delight. See what it does to your crowd and hey, what can be better than a bit of a revival of the best hypnotic techno of the 90ies. Tear your heart out!
  For all of you who like the smooth reduced style of fellow musicians such as Kollektive Turmstrasse please tune into "Pollen Flug". This track is so sweet it glides down your skin like a drop of dew. This is the big and bouncy dub induced stuff that goes down so well with a crowd that likes to shake and swing rather than rave like mad! A big one for Microtrauma and for the crowd.
  The EP closes with big and rough "Nordlicht". This track is a machine driven track that opens up in the middle of its playing time, revealing the beauty behind the curtain. This is all sweat and rave madness in one and for the ones who stay till the end of each party. Get your yo yos out and go wild.   

Release date: 5th March 2012

1. Reflection

2. Blütenstaub

3. Reflection
(Egbert remix)

4. Pollen Flug

5. Nordlicht

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