Traum V149 - Max Cooper - Egomodal EP

It has been half a year since we released the last Max Cooper EP on Traum, so his new finished EP comes in handy for all of his fans and people interested in the grey zone of techno vs. electronica.
Max Cooper’s new release the „Egomodal EP“ comes in its vinyl version as a 4 tracks EP and with its extra tracks on digital it adds up to a great piece of music. Once again it focuses on dynamics and tangents, along with the concept of complexity and simplicity.
The „Egomodal EP“ stays true to Max Cooper’s approach to link a mathematical structure with a simple one. We are happy to say he has succeeded to fuse complexity with variations by still finding time to focus on details and keeping up that nice randomness which makes his music so appealing also for clubbers and DJs.  
This release is extremely diverse in styles and offers in its vinyl version everything from the dark Detroit electro styled techno piece „Epitaphy“ that evokes old Detroit days… to the melodically trembling „Autumn Haze“ that is a huge track because its flow is superbly programmed... to Ripperton’s mighty house hymn of a remix, ending in the basseline monster "Raw" which looses its teeth towards the end.
The second part of the release features the beautifully melodic "Micron" and the abstract piece of electronica with the name of  "Simplicity" that has its cut up vocals dancing like flames around a campfire.
The second part of the release also features two big remixes. Marc Romboy has remixed "Raw" and has made a grand Balearic tune. He has converted the "angry" bassline monster in its original version.. into a mild and  joyful tune providing it with a big collective feel. This could be great tune for the Winter Music Conference in Miami.
The second remix comes from Rone who has recently remixed Dominik Eulberg’s track „Der Tanz der Glühwuermchen" for Traum. Rone has chosen "Simplicity" to work it in a lyrical and build up stream like fashion.   

Release date: 2nd April 2012

A1. Epitaphy

A2. Autumn Haze

B1. Autumn Haze
(Ripperton's "Frostbite" Remix)

B2. Raw

Digital 1. Raw
(Marc Romboy's "Sub Attack" Remix)

Digital 2. Simplexity

Digital 3. Simplexity
(Rone Remix)

Digital 4. Micron

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