Traum V152 - Ümit Han - Die Rose Und Die Nachtigall EP

A believer is always a believer.
Ümit Han joined the techno roundtable about 10 years ago. As a fan, a clubber and finally as an activist and DJ he has appreciated the social value of the German techno scene in many respects.
He has been through hard times, ups and downs… parting from Blackisbeautuful... but now he is back in full attack with a unique and original 6 track EP on our label Traum.
Ümit had recorded several EP's in the past, this EP is his newest invention.
All raw and all analogue Ümit just uses hardware and real machines to create these small irregular shapes that people call organic.
The challenge of writing a melodic techno release was one of his aims, and that is actually what we get... very thought out analogue but very spiritual. He has studied studio engineering at SAE in Cologne and this EP is in a way a result of his studies.
The opening track "An Einem Traurigen Morgen" is in fact a Traum (dream) becoming reality, powerful but fragile, melancholic but also happy the track unites machine drummings and melodic played passages to what we feel is a new way of perceiving strong melodies in techno music.
The tracks flows in a way a raindrop does after it hits the front window and descends to the bottom with grace. Ümit Han has written/contributed a fantastic chord melody that sticks to your mind and will have this track linger on in your mind for many days.
"Im Herzens Garten Erstarb Die Rose" is a build up track. It starts with a drumming that reminds us of fantastic stripped down percussive techno by the likes of Kotai (Disco B) and Plastikman but enhances it with a strong dreamlike melody... in a gas like like state… evaporates. If you call this post Detroit techno that might describe it by definition but it would not do it justice… it is more linked to a European approach for melodic music. As he said in an interview for him Jean Michel Jarre is as important to him as Jeff Mills.
"Der Gesang Der Nachtigall" is for Ümit Han the most complex track he has ever written, almost exceeding his capability to write melodies as he put it. Starting like a drum machine rocker with a slack open hi hat... multiple chords soon kick in and convey a slow motion movement that is sexy as hell and stays in strong contrast to the other elements, this track has that certain magic which is very much rooted in club culture!
Microtrauma have remixed "An Einem Traurigen Morgen" with very much feeling for detail and for the deep moments Ümit has put forward in his release. They do this with so much skill... making it a classy remix!
Mononoid remixed "Im Herzens Garten Erstarb Die Rose" and start off with a Moroder like riff, but kill it gently having sonic sound emerge that show that Mononoid are on the roll! Fantastic sonic twisted techno.
"An Einem Traurigen Morgen" has been remixed from the the duo Fym who create a bit of a disturbed darkish atmosphere that marches through soundscapes that are confronted with melodic sequences all nicely blurred and dubby.   

Release date: 2nd July 2012

1. An Einem Traurigen Morgen

2. Im Herzens Garten Erstarb Die Rose

3. Der Gesang Der Nachtigall

4. An Einem Traurigen Morgen
(Microtrauma remix)

5. Im Herzens Garten Erstarb Die Rose
(Mononoid remix)

6. An Einem Traurigen Morgen
(Fym remix)

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