Traum V153 - Microtrauma - Solitone EP

Interstellar, planetary, spacious revolving sounds... Micotrauma’s opening track "Solitone" starts with a period of naked drum patterns which give way to craftily build up architectural patterns all done with an exceptional lightness that shows why Microtrauma have advanced to a powerful role on the label Traum.
Micortrauma’s quality is to touch but not be captured or pinned down by a genre or category. Their unpredictability is not to be predicted... so gently are their changes so superb are their continuous modes… their magic is their art.
This release is all about making the right marks in a pure and heavy techno beat and slowly building it up creating a bit of a picture.
This applies also to "Trigone" and therefore this track works hand in hand with "Solitone".
"Trigone" builds things up but then kills everything off as if there had never been any proceedings… this is a great and fresh way of composing music introducing an anachronistic language it shows there is still a lot of ways you can stay true to techno ideas.
In the course of the track patterns and melodies start to repeat and you can recognize a logic in all of it and this is what Microtrauma realize... at some point things have to match to create euphoria.
So "Trigone" rides the waves and does this in a sexy way, elegant and always on top of all this, sometimes even staring at the clouds for a split second, not cock sure but with a certain self confidence that rides. This track rocks.
The well known Traum artist Fairmont aka Jacob Fairley who released on the Traum 100 anniversary release... has taken on the challenge to remix "Solitone" doing his twists of sequences and painting his melodies so lush and airy that its mood is a totally different one being more deep and psychedelic.
This is a masterpiece of a remix... alls so perfectly timed and naturally you would think he had been part of the original production itself.
We welcome French artist Electric Rescue who was the perfect match for a technoid remix approach of "Solitone". His version of "Solitone" is a tripped down beat version that uses parts of the original basseline but adds a lot of manipulated sounds, vocals to create a peak time monster of a techno tool.   

Release date: 6th August 2012

1. Solitone

2. Trigone

3. Solitone
(Fairmont remix)

4. Solitone
(Electric Rescue remix)

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