Traum V164 - Ron Flatter - Mantequilla

Things can be so easy and when Ron sent us "Mantequilla", we instantly said that could be a tune for us.

"Mantequilla" has all the quality of a grand open-air track. Its message is simple but essential - emptying a full bucket of happiness into the crowd wherever you play.

The track has an epic character but always manages to return to the main theme in time to spread the virus.

Ron has written this track skillfully to keep it accessible ...despite the melodic structure ...which is still a great challenge for all quality melodic music surfacing nowadays.

The second original track is called "Taurus" and is about the toughest track Ron has ever written, and some people who have heard the track have referred to it as an Extrawelt like track. Traurus is a rhythmic but bouncy affair. The tracks core element is a devishly hooky bassline that might as well embrace everyone on the dance floor with its uplifting and superb energetic quality. Its simplicity is what makes it so special and traceable.

We have asked Mononoid to remix "Mantequilla" and the result is a Belearic open air stormer…working very much on the piano side of things and generating happiness in small but intensive doses throughout the track.

Fo another remix we have asked our new artist on Trapez RWAC to contribute a loose and analogue heavy rework of "Mentequilla". RWAC have remixed the melodic theme in "waves" , by alternating beat passages with passages of sound they have taken from the original. Their remix builds things to the limit and makes it a strong groover. Release date: 3rd June 2013

1. Mantequilla

2. Taurus

3. Mantequilla
(Mononoid Remix)

4. Mantequilla
(R W A C Remix)

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