Traum V198 - sine sleeper - honest intentional noises

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sine sleeper was founded in 2014 by Julian Priessen and Raffael Seyfried.
Both of them musicians who study at the Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien in Duesseldorf as part the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule. Notable students in the past we heard were: Karl Bartos and Ralf Hütter from Kraftwerk, so this could be a good omen.

sine sleeper release their debut ep here with us and we see a duo rising that connects to contemporary music by the likes of Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper, Clark, Nils Frahm and Flying Lotus to name just a few. But their music also relates to composers from the past like Maurice Ravel and Philip Glass.
sine sleeper generate a soothing and intimate landscape of electronic sounds and beats that are powered by a kind of urgency coming from deep inside.
The attractiveness of the 4 tracks materializes through the tension of real instruments played and computer music and sine sleeper’s intention to create a mini album feel.

Their ep starts with "carousel malfunction" a piece of music that rotates around its spine and what seems to be behaving in "slow motion". In fact it attracts and adds microscopic sounds and changes like a magnet all through the track.

"surge" by its title expresses the feeling of the track precisely. We are confronted here with the growth of a rather aggressive riff sound that reaches its climax halfway through the track. The nature of the track is highly eclectic and uses granular distortions as well as abstract sounds.

"soaring debris" is rooted stronger in classical music and what has become a new genre over the last 2 years with people like Nils Frahm pushing it. The track is built on an ocean of sounds and a beautiful "pirouette" like melody line that undergoes several changes and rises to a peak in full perfection before it descends.

"current" features the singer Marton Harvest and is a track which draws from the 3 other tracks of this ep and tries to tie them up in one track and to complement them with vocals. It is an introvert track well balanced and still a dance on the volcano and comes with a video by David Füsgen as well as in a radio version.

Lyrics of "current":
unfolding all our errors from the start
from everything that held us we depart
following the motions from our past
keeping the resemblance in our hearts
out on the deepest ocean
wake up, we are to let go

Release date Beatport:                  04. April 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    08. April 2016

1. carousel malfunction

2. surge

3. soaring debris

4. current feat. Marton Harvest

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