Traum V199 - Groj - Love You Do EP

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We released with Groj aka Kevin Jamey some time ago and talked casually about music when he revealed that he was also working on a private vocal project.
When we heard the raw material we loved it and after refining the trax over a period of time it all resulted in this great release on Traum.
Groj’s EP has that certain West Coast vintage flair we are very fond of and which tickles the hairs of the paramecium in all of us.

The EP opens up with intimate and mind blasting "Love You Do". A heartwarming and electrifying journey deep into our minds and souls, expanding its wings which each stroke it takes. There is a good touch of psychedelica going on here that spills its mood on us with grace. Groj’s vocals do their part in establishing a captivating mood.

"Follow Her" follows her and follows her… Groj creates a world of his own, like a dream, it has that wonderful slow motion feeling where time stands still but everything else is rushing by in the speed of light.
The track features Groj’s sensual vocals which make it another highlight.

"Closer Space" is a slowing emerging song that sees Groj singing with a stunning calmness.

Montreal-based trio "Flowers And Sea Creatures", comprised of Graham Baxter, Kosta Megalos and new member Jeremy Reid (aka Wrong Jeremy), are already a known quantity to the world of electronic music for their distinctive sound, art and craft. In the past, they have called the music they produce as "camp-fire music for the dance floor", music and songs which go beyond what you experience in clubs these days and which tell a story.
The trio has released several EPs on Compost Records, Buzzin' Fly, Innervisions and My Favorite Robot Records. Read more:

Their remix for Groj’s "Love You Do" reminds the listener of Moroder's haunting disco-ish momentum that we know so well.
In fact, instead of a remix in the traditional sense, the trio decided to take the track one step further, towards a "reinterpretation".

By taking Groj's lyric of "Love You Do", the trio flipped the words and asked the question, "Do You Love?" and wrote a track accordingly. A song of melancholic romance - for the dance floor.

Their carefully crafted remix/reinterpretation repaints the original in quite a stunning way and it is both arresting and reflective at the same time. They achieve drama by way of echoed vocals that have that a psychedelic notch of beautifully drowned out ambient sounds which invite the listener to immerse thmselves in the sounds, to lose themselves in the romance of the dance floor.

Gab Rhome who has released music with a deeper melodic house touch on labels such as Ajunadeep is already known in the scene and applies that floating warm feel to the psychedelic original of "Love You Do" in his remix "Love You Do (Gab Rhome Remix)".

Ron Flatter has his experience as a well known DJ in Germany handle his remix of "Closer Space . He stresses certain moments of the original and really puts his foot down on them, making these passage hypnotic but also stressing the rave impetus. Ron merges different aspects of club culture very clever, using alternating melodic passages as well as disturbing effects in an evolving biorhythm.

Lyrics of "Love You Do" Flowers And Sea Creatures Remix:

Outside, where love began ♫ outside ♪ we loved again.
♫ Inside blood and sand ♫ ♪ Inside we'll love again
then we'll disappear like rain ♫
then we'll disappear like rain
then we'll disappear like rain
...disappear like rain
Do you love?

Release date Beatport:                  02. May 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    06. May 2016

1. Love You Do

2. Follow Her

3. Closer Space

4. Love You Do
    (Flowers And Sea Creatures Remix)

5. Love You Do (Gab Rhome Remix)

6. Closer Space (Ron Flatter Remix)

See video clip of "Love You Do"

See video clip of "Follow Her"

See video clip of "Closer Space"