Teho - Woody EP - Traum V218

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Teho returns on Traum

The French artist Teho has been around for a while. He released with us last year and has also released on Herzblut and Parquet to name just two.
Despite his international reputation and his quality music he keeps a low profile and lets the music speak for itself. So we are delighted to release another great EP with him full of masterpieces of heartbreaking emotional music. Top class electronic music that is genuinely Teho with no compromise.

"Woody" by Teho

The opening track "Woody" kicks off with a super melodic light-hearted crowd pleaser that certainly also has that depth to it we expect from a person like Teho.
"Woody" as Teho told us has been a force in his live set for a while now and a track he does not want to miss. The wonderful complex structure of polyryhmic layered instruments, the diversity of the sounds and what we recognize as real feelings is what fascinates also with this track. This is a superb quality track that rocks.

"Through The Kids Eye" by Teho

"Through The Kids Eyes" is more dreamy but equally elegant and pleasantly strokes your mind with flutes, voices and hand played percussive sounds.
Teho is a master in blending the most diverse sounds into one homogeneous sound-construction, sounding rather organic. The downplayed euphoria, the way he slides from one corner to the other is masterfully crafted and almost cinematic. This track is for private moments and it does not lack intensity.

"Go Away" by Teho

"Go Away" brilliantly connects to the previous track. It is a composition which is equally admirable in its compassionate way, still always sneaking in an undercurrent of tension & excitement that keeps the track alive and fit for the dance floor.

"Upside Down" by Teho

The last track "Upside Down" has these wonderful caressing fateful sounds which trigger feelings of fortune and destiny. A wonderful track with a huge potential of being recognized as a flawless electronic masterpiece.

Release date:                                                             02. February 2018