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Losless debut on Traum Schallplatten

Losless appear here for the first time on Traum.
The duo keeps a low profile so you might not have come across them jet, but they are a very active live playing unit in France playing clubs like Nouveau Casino and festivals like Le Son Libre,1001 Bass as well as Imagin’air and have been in the line up with artists such as The Hacker and Unspent. With their track "Synecku" they have also managed to accumulate over 700 000 hits on YouTube.

Losless are genre defying and create a link into the real world where nothing is perfect, by playing with imperfections to humanize their music One directly notices when listening to their music that this music is highly inflammable. The complexity and depth maybe a result of a narrative structure that includes glitches and an analogue instability as well as an organic quality. Whatsoever it will definitely 'prick up your ears' and lead you through a world of ever-changing perspectives, opposed to the classic linear techno you know so well. 'Wanderlust' of a different, industrial inspired kind that can make you euphoric.

Losless EP starts with "1908"

The 5-track EP kicks off with "Zone 1908" a nexus rather then a track as it puts forward violent mood swings that put a sensual stranglehold on you. Brain-food electronics at their best, timeless and very close to life.
Kicking off with an alarming screeching synth "Zone 1908" then turns towards warm baselines and swinging acoustic percussion and back to more noise generating contrasting glitch synth modulations. A track that eats up all descriptive words you can think of in one go and leaves you speechless more then once.

"Khoal" by Losless

"Khoal" opens with a kind of 'dolby thx sound' before it grabs minimalism by its neck and dips it into unearthly FX manifestations. OUTCH. What happens here is hard to tell... it sound as if industrial machines were transformed into something very human.

"Opheis" by Losless

"Opheis" lashes out beats in a way not unlike our recent release from French duo Unspent but offers a stronger modulation of fascinating sounds that puts you in the mood of British New Wave bands of the late 80ies... bands like "Red Lorry Yellow Lorry".

"Sweety George" by Losless

"Sweety George" starts obscure as so many of their tracks but has the beginning vaporized by new elements knocking at the front door. The beginning is stunning and emotionally strong enough to lead you through a week of rain and then undergoes a great transformation into almost classic music at a time you would never expect it to do that. It leaves us dazed and dumb and tongue tied.

"ShDDr1" by Losless

"ShDDr1" drums along with acoustic percussion that makes its way through glitches of sound. Maybe a bit of an experiment? NO. Great freeform music tapping on your personal imagination and at half time plunging into a techno beat formula. "What the f_ck" is this ?

Release date:                                                             02. March 2018

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