Ron Flatter - Boy&Girl EP - Traum V225

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Ron Flatter is with his forth EP back on TRAUM!

Ron Flatter returns to Traum after releasing 3 EPs with us, among them his all-time hit "Mantequilla". He has been very successful with his album "Muscle Of Synths" this year, making it into several Spotify playlist.

"Boy&Girl" by Ron Flatter

Ron Flatter’s new EP kicks off with the sun beaming track "Boy&Girl". This is joyous trip into the world of melodic techno with lots of detail and love for the dance floor. This track cannot only create a collective spirit, this track can call itself seductive.

"Tenauer" by Ron Flatter

"Tenauer" is a discoish, transcendental megablaster. Imagine Divine and Moroder taking part in a spiritual mess. Impossible to ignore this tune it can really make people happy in a big way!

"Felis Silvestris" by Ron Flatter

"Felis Silvestris" picks up the nightclub side of Ron Flatter and explores his knowledge of how to write music that builds up a superb climax. There is a lot of disco feeling here and being a master at the decks proves to help Ron here a great amount.

"Ennea" by Ron Flatter

"Ennea" relies on a powerhouse of synths and beats to carry its melodies towards the horizon. This is kerosine triggered happy music with evil sounds included that catapult the tune into our hearts. Including nice break downs and all executed on a high level.

"Beocca" by Ron Flatter

"Beocca" is a glow in the dark track. Its heavy beats are punctuated by loosely dropped random sounds that trigger start to emotions. By halftime these sounds unite and from a continuity that puts a stranglehold on you to create something big on the dance floor.

Release date:                                                            02. November 2018