Spada - Hommage EP - Traum V228

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We welcome back SPADA with his brand new "Hommage" EP!

SPADA is a multifaceted artist when it comes to writing music. His music variety sees no limitation. SPADA’s "Myrtle And Roses" EP saw the track "Solarium" successfully making its way though half a dozen playlist of Spotify and is still rocking!

"Hommage" by Spada

His new EP opens up with an equally fascinating track: "Hommage" a 'wanderlust' styled piece of music that includes hymn peak moments that directly enter your blood circuit. SPADA fuses mighty bass lines with intuitive and twisted sequences and melodies all delicately layered + arranged to create uplifting moments of joy. His sense for including moments of convalescence to create a perfect build up is amazing and shows he is a real master.

"Hydrae" by Spada

The second track "Hydrae" is a playful but devilishly hooky one. Displaying a climbing sequence that is enhanced through a lot of details to establish a virulent and hypnotic groove.

"Fable" by Spada

"Fable" instead is much more introvert and kicks off as an ambient track and then evolves towards a fantastic deep melodic tune which rattles along sensually.

"State Of Grace" by Spada

The final track of the EP is "State Of Grace" which is a percussion powered 'metamorphosis'equipped with mighty bassy stabs and curbed enthusiasm. A melancholic feeling prevails that makes "State Of Grace" a very emotional and private example of a track.

Release Date:                                                                    01. March 2019