Arnodd - Aviation - Traum V244

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We welcome Arnodd on TRAUM!

We are sure a buzz will build up around the music of Arnodd. His debut EP Aviation shows all the signs of a multi-dimensionally talented producer.  It features a blend of songwriting sensibilities, experimentation with sound and a modernistic chic that can be found in some of the best club trax nowadays.


The EP kicks off with "Puls" a track that brings just the right blend of introspection and energy often walking a tightrope between the two. Slightly disturbing and hugely impressive are the baselines and the melodies that combined highlight one colossal iceberg of a sound, in collusion with a very lively, hand-cranked jazzy beat programming. It is all about atmospheres and space with an amazing feel.


"Floater" shows a superb emotional balancing act of sounds rich and mighty in texture combined with the brittle whisperings of vocals that layer on top of each other, all done in a slow motion act. An unorthodox breakdown at halftime has birds singing and wind chimes doing their own melodies before the track bounces back into the wailing of heavenly creatures to create that unique intimate and warm style of his.


"Fønvind" sounds in the beginning like sugar in a hurricane. But as the track evolves which happens quite fast, a heavily pitched organ sound paths the way for the track to emerge. Goose - bumps guaranteed here! By times it features glimpses of a jazz-infused house track with sumptuous chord changes and odd gentle sounds but a second later it will have killed off any of these associations with one stroke to become again a piece of electronic music.


"Fells" is an epic „roaring“ sound sculpture. A piece of ambient music that leaves out any beat components to ficus only on the modulation of a single sound.  We’re so used to being handed things on a plate, whereas I’m interested in the journey one might make to find out what those sounds are.

Release Date:                                                                   07. August 2020