Jose Ureta - In The End We Will Be Fine - Traum V247.5

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In The End We Will Be Fine by Jose Ureta

For some years now we have been thinking about releasing music during the Christmas holidays, music with a symbiotic effect that fits perfect to that time of a year. Contemplative, deep music, music to get lost in. So when the artist José Ureta sent us two ambient pieces it instantly made click.

José Ureta started producing his own music 5 years ago. He began with his laptop and nothing else, making ambient music in a home studio that he created in New Jersey, USA. At that time he was working in the port of Philadelphia and the sounds of the city and the pier inspired him to create ambient sounds.

After that he came back to his home country Chile and began to assemble his home studio where the most important device was his tascam porta cassette were he records all his music. Nowadays he also uses analog equipment. His interest in ambient started a very long time ago when he started listening to Roxy Music and discovered this gentleman called Brian Eno. Being that the music of Brian Eno is the cornerstone of what he does he has also been influenced by other artists also like Stars Of the Lid, Harold Budd, Gorecki, Vangelis and also shoegaze music really inspired him.

Concerning his two Traum trax: "Violet" has an almost orchestral soothing sound that sinks deep. It comes without beat and can be describes as classic ambient. The distortion/drone characteristic gives it an organic feel which comes in waves. As he says in his own words: "Violet" was made during the quarantine and it was made thinking of all the beloved ones who pass away this year.

"Gloucester" is more heavy, more „wall of sound“. He says: „Gloucester is the name of the city in New Jersey where I used to live and represent all the industrial sounds and those from the sea that I was able to listen to there."

Release Date:                                                             25. December 2020