Arnodd - Monsoon EP - Traum V255

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Arnodd's next EP!

Arnodd formerly known as Øyvind, with already one release on Traum, returns with an equally stunning EP.

"Cloudburst“ by Arnodd

The Monsoon EP kicks off with "Cloudburst" a technoish machine powered grinder off a track that is twisted in real time and at the same time is sensual as a snakes movement. Heavenly vocals add a roof like structure that cries out for an elevation or a collective spirit. When the track reaches its climate it is suddenly over and ready to be played again.

"Myr“ by Arnodd

"Myr" sounds like a duel of two sequences being united by a third one with soothing fantastic Radiohead like sounds. And when you are just thinking how great this track is... it bounces back with something even greater and deeper feelings. A track which leaves you speechless like a fantastic supernatural modern Scandinavian movie. Last but not least we think it connects to the very best moments of his debut on Traum.

"Uro“ by Arnodd

"Uro" has a striking imaginative side to it right from the start. You hear the first wailing sound and you know you are up for a real treat. Its compelling visual side sets free images of your imagination that give you goosebumps and in fact it never leaves you till the very end. It might stick to you longer than that. It is a ride through snow and ice through dirt and water with metal and rust.

"Lost“ by Arnodd

"Lost" is the outro track of the EP. It is a beautiful soundtrack raw and distorted. Some West-coast consciousness arising. It feels like a lonely person out in the country side. Borders melting together, distance is suddenly near by and a happy sad feeling keeps looking at itself in the mirror, gentle and with contemplation. What a track!

Release Date:                                                                  20. August 2021