Anton Kling - Hank - Traum V257

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The right music at the right time by Anton Kling!

The Swedish artist Anton Kling has been recording music for 10 years but it is with this EP that he felt the time was right to release his music on our label. He has in the past also been involved in writing ambient music with beats displaying his moods. He considers his music to be house music melodic, progressive and organic with a lo-fi touch and we will not disagree on this. We also share the feeling that his sound is spacious, atmospheric and sometimes pulls in some psychedelic ideas. Inspiration for his music he draws from so many different sources that it is impossible for him to connect to one artists in particular.

This EP is dedicated to his friend who died of bipolar disorder The story of the EP is about his friend, the disorder, and his love for him. The soundscape of the EP is dirty and grimy but still atmospheric and melodic. Anton Kling’s intention was to have it sound rough and smooth at the same time, almost like it had two sides, like the bipolar disorder. This EP is meant to be listened to from the start to the end, no skipping or fast forward through the tracks. The hand drawn artwork was made by his friend.


The EP kicks off with "Hank" and features multiple atmospheric facets as his melody with the cutting edges acting as a harbor for his soaring in lush sounds. The track has a very energetic side to it with lots of different percussion...some sound like broken bottles...but another main feeling seems almost slow in motion and so Anton Kling captures that antagonistic quality for everyone to recognize and feel.

"Lost & Found“

"Lost & Found" feels like Erik Satie in house mode. Minimalistic in its approach and constantly adding small details especially on the rhythmic side. It feels like a journey back to the early days sometimes distorted and blurred sometimes distinct.

"Miss You“

"Miss You" works on the accounts of a very minimalist approach and is slowly voices some relief with sounds that come from the distance but arrive at the shore of things. A track that could belong to the genre of ambient house carrying traces of Etienne de Crecy.

"5 (Epilogue)“

"5 (Epilogue)" would usually wrap up the action of this EP after all the drama is over and maybe this is the case here as well...but the track is so super emotional that it seems to be a story of its own.

Release Date:                                                                 01. October 2021