James Harcourt - Regenerate - Traum V258

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James Harcourts follow up on TRAUM!

James Harcourt is back with another stunning performance on Traum. Four unreleased tracks including a masterpiece with vocalist ASYN.

James is a forward thinking artist who can look back on years of performing on stage and who has released on very few handpicked labels. His debut on Traum in January 2021 "Changeling EP" is still rotating in our heads. So we are happy to have that feeling refreshed with new music of his. His progression of melodies is stunning and combines the refined with the raw and edgy. The funky organic flow is also a result of his live appearances in the UK.

"Within Motion (featuring ASYN)“

The opening track "Within Motion" features vocalist ASYN with her angel like vocals which adds something dazzling and charmingly light weight to the track.


"Amnesiac" has a nice build up happening and as things develop we recognize the rare quality to equip synths with an almost human quality. The track manages to keep a fascinating balance and a spiritual intensity. We imagine this hypnotic state is great for the dancer.

"Öresund Funk“

"Öresund Funk" instead is a funky track that puts the emphasis on the groove first and features some disturbing FX and darker sounds to trigger off images of sick futuristic science fiction.


The title track "Regenerate" kicks off with an ancient drum beat you might have heard in the early 80ies by new wave groups such as The Normal or Human League. But soon drives you into a sea of melodies... all in motion... some slightly clashing, some overlapping, some sinking, some surviving. A quite emotional electronic track and a stunning performance by James Harcourt.

Release Date:                                                                 22. October 2021