Garden State - Devotion - Traum V262

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We welcome Garden State on TRAUM!

The duo from Hamburg had their solo careers in the past but decided to team up in 2019 for their project Garden State. They have released on smaller labels already, most recognizable the label Mukke. With their debut on Traum Garden State position themselves among the exciting new artist on our label. All tracks are steeped in the dance music we love. And certainly Garden State write music with an attention to detail.

Their 3-track EP opens up with the title track "Devotion" featuring singer Hannah Naomi Togler. "Devotion" sees the trio with their hearts on their sleeves, an honest manifestation, yet using catchy arrangements to create a buzz on the dance floor and beyond. Full of humanity, lightness and powerful emerging intensity Garden State introduce a compelling stop and go rhythm for those who seek the emotional connection, as much as audiophiles and the late night dancing crowd. "Devotion" is a firework and a real feast.

Second track "Disclosure" maintains that intensity from a different angle creating a bubble of deep introspective music for the dance floor. There is a near perfect blend here between songwriting sensibilities and club chic. One recognizes Garden State are the masters of an emotional balancing act maintained here by a far away vocal, a heavenly piano and a rigorous arpeggiator sequence acting as the motor, beaming the track onto the dance floor.

Yet while the production of the last track "Pages" is easy to admire it all comes back to the vocals and the occasional rise of the melody, expressing full emotions of love won and lost, creating a subtle form of euphoria, the feeling we have experienced on some very private musings.

Release Date:                                                               04. February 2022