Arnodd - En Flyktig EP - Traum V264

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We welcome Garden State on TRAUM!

Welcome back Arnodd! We love Arnodd's style of featuring his acoustic world of self played instruments pouring into the artificial electronic world as we know it. That hybrid ends up always being so emotional and deep with him that he has been also a favorite with the radio stations.

The opening track "Consoles" establishes a rhythmic techno-funk-groover with a stylish minimalist face. Rotating beats attract these short sound sequences which try to escape but in the end do get attached and are part of it. It is the art of not saying too much but letting the sound linger in your mind for good. And if you know Arnood you know it is done with skill and style.

"Hakkiplaten" sounds like a skipping CD player (remember Oval and Microstoria) in the beginning but when a mermaid like unearthly voice joins it... it is the most fantastic experience you can imagine. Ice cold and warm at the same time this dualism works on our senses in continuation.

"Momentum" kicks off as a spacious ambient piece but develops into a heavenly electronic groove track. With melodies high up in the trees, the tracks narrative is told from the bird perspective it seems. But who are we to know. The track is over before we can elaborate in words... just listen.

"Dust" is particles being overwhelmed by a slow smile, a slow answer, a slow concentration and a slow evaporation of sounds. This is as beautiful as it can get. A perfect ambient electronic soundtrack for a poetic setting.

Release Date:                                                                    25. March 2022