Cortexmaltex - Waterfall - Traum V265

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Welcome back Cortexmaltex!

After his debut on Traum almost a year ago Cortexmaltex released his track "Night Fly" on Solomun’s label Diynamic.

The concept of his new Traum EP revolves around water in various appearances.

The EP kicks off with "Waterfall". The track instantly establishes his definition of melodic techno: a timeless continuation and transformation of a steady melody in an up and down movement. Like the motion of waves themselves Cortexmaltex grabs the hypnotic and simplicity to put you in a hypnotic state.

"Cascade" the smaller brother of the waterfall is equally soothing and calm however more on the gentle side, it will defiantly find people that equally love this track.

"Swirl" stands for a whirling motion or confusion, musically that is expressed through a simmering of mystic tribal elements and chanting adding a nice spiritual note to the EP.

"Waves" by definition just one element of the waterfall but as we all know it is an elemental and substantial one and therefore receives here the full attention of Cortexmaltex.

Romantic and playful and at the same time light hearted the track follows its destination unknown and takes you on a wonderful voyage! The pureness a minimalist quality of the track is addictive.

Arnodd of Traum fame has remixed "Waterfall" in his wonderfull deep minimalist techno fashion, a style we know from his timeless solo EPs.

Vanity in Mind who has been successfully releasing on our Tour De Traum imprint has remixed "Waterfall" and puts forward his mellow and relaxed mood in combination with a well engineered production! Notice bits of 70ies synth sculpted/painted ambience of galactic life sometimes slightly baroque and romantic.

Marcovits who has also been present with great music on Tour De Traum has remixed "Waves" involving a heavy droning baseline and antagonistic cheerful light melodies making it quite a feast... adopting that kind of wall of sound as we know it from Joy Division.

Release Date:                                                                    08. April 2022