Cosmic Sandwich - Dusted - Traum V269

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Our good men Cosmic Sandwich is back again!!

After a break of more than 10 years Cosmic Sandwich a.k.a Steve Barnes returns with a new EP! And it is quite obvious this EP resembles Steve in his purest form and although it carries his project name Cosmic Sandwich it goes beyond that project for sure. "Dusted" consists of a slick and atmospheric sound picture that turns into a very complex and intense soulful adventure. What seems loosely arranged at first glance, all comes together to create a satisfying, organic soundscape. Occasional electro tinges that surfaced in the past with his releases on Traum, are now more evident and show his love for that genre still flows in Steve's DNA. e evident and show his love for that genre still flows in Steve's DNA.

The EP kicks off with the title track „Dusted", revealing a fantastic soundtrack featuring these echoing signals that remind us of time travel into outer space. The track carries influences from Steve’s project "Process" into a much more lively environment hence shows a new but still recognizable face. What sticks is the enormous soulful aura the track leaves behind as a notion!

"Something Within" seems its about being slack but intensifies within its course and throws in some serious deep jazzy moments.

"Secret Garden" keeps its promise to enter magic moments. It does this in a poetic way. The prosperity of the past, fading away? A forlorn goodbye wave?

"Encoded Reality" keeps blending in and out of sounds weaving a carpet of colors.

"Linear Emotion" features a heavy rigid baseline that is punctured by a percussion that sounds like a spade splitting and crushing soil. The speedy dancing melodies shoot in and send an old school electro feeling through our spine for sure.

"Subtle Step" incorporates an early morning feel during the awakening hour when soft sides hit reality. Enjoy and let loose, reverbing and jazzy chords.

Release Date:                                                                       24. Juni 2022