Binomial & V-Cious - Zaphirus EP - Traum V272

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We Welcome Binomial & V-Cious!

Binomial is a new project which consists of the successful Spanish producer Uoio who has recorded on Bedrock and several other labels and the talented musician David Gonzalez Chillon. For their Traum release they have teamed up here with V-Cious who has released on Parquet Recordings, Manual Music and Aesthetic among others.

Their fist track "Pleyades" starts quite minimal with a percussion and very little else but slowly builds up a melody and chucks in distorted chords for some raw techno feel.

"Perseus" is a high energy track with a strong sequential element pulling the dancer into a mystic world of FX sounds and tunnel vision characteristics that are systematic for some good melodic techno music.

"Zaphirus" builds up tension with some kind of Mike Oldfield arpeggiator that is old school and very catchy laced with sporadic outbursts of percussion and nasty sounds that act as a counterpart creating a nice antagonism which you find in the best techno tracks today. This is a dance-floor track par excellence and should create some stir on the floor for sure.

The track "Borealis" is an epic electronica track with fine progressions that ascend and descend creating waves of energy.

Release Date:                                                             02. September 2022