Flayman - Moonlight Orchestra - Traum V275

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We welcome the Buenos Aires based artists Flayman!

With this release we are returning to our starting point: the city of Buenos Aires, where it all began for our label Traum. All trax are less pop flavored and electronic than what we released from Buenos Aires in the past, instead the tracks carry a stronger techno feel, still upholding the spiritual side of melancholy we favor so very much.

Flayman is Exequiel Michael Alain Fontes Carballo an upcoming artist unknown to the scene of electronic music producers until now. His ep consists of 4 techno pieces that have a melancholic, personal and intimate quality to them which is counteracted by uplifting moments. Flayman’s voice is exceptional and will give you goose bumps.

The ep opens with "Moonlight Orchestra" and directly installs a spiritual and nostalgic feeling that sinks in.

"Dancing With Goddess" has a fabulous vocal part that is electrifying and installs a unique anthem like feeling for this ep.

"Remembering The Past" features fantastic sensual vocals in an outstanding composition that establishes an impressive deep piece of techno music.

"Travel To The Subconsciousness" is a perfectly chosen title for this stellar piece of techno. Witness deep techno at its best. Organic build up wit no stunts but everything perfectly spaced out to give you an emotional rollercoaster of a kind.

Release Date:                                                              4. November 2022