Frasseck & Freitag - Part Of The Game - Traum V284

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Frasseck & Freitag teamed up with Aves Volare for their 2nd EP!

Frasseck & Freitag return to Traum with their 2nd extended solo EP and have teamed up with singer Aves Volare again. The EP kicks off with the title track "Part Of The Game". The track makes no detours but directly jumps into the seductive melancholic vocals of singer Aves Volare who shapes the narrative off the track with his philosophic views on life. The introvert moments are skillfully counteracted by an uplifting powerful production and pay tribute to techno musics stranglehold. There is an obvious pop music influence here that keeps things short and to the point using no long beat passages or extensive sequences which makes this track special.

The first of the 3 remixes comes from Berlin based Aparde known for his releases on ki records and Stil vor Talent. His trademark is his sensitive and atmospheric composition which in this case fills out a space the original does not cover. Long monotone passages build up suspense in the most simplistic and minimalist way, using repetition in a skillful way to dive to the bottom of things. Yet seemingly effortless it combines techno drama with a vastness.... and you instantly feel there is a master at work here.

The second remix comes from Alin Dimitriu who has released on our Tour De Traum series recently. His remix is the opposite to Aparde’s remix making this track-list most enjoyable. Alin Dimitriu can look back to a lot o praise for his music. Top chart positions and being nominated into the TOP 10 artist on Beatport show he has been doing well. Because of his fantastic sound design Dimitriu has become an in-house sound designer for Roland Japan / Roland Cloud. He is called a musical harlequin who is inspired by anything and everything never planning something particular genre wise... which reflects in his remix of "Part Of The Game". In this remix he combines classic hypnotic techno melodies with others that not many artists would think of combining andthrough that creates and surprises. The result is an emotional highlight we don't want to miss. Adding fx sounds on top... this all together makes it totally unique.

Greg Ochman made his debut on Sebastian Leger’s Lost Miracle imprint with "Delylah & Blonde Nuits" which was very well received by both his fans and contemporaries. His style can be described as organic house and the special quality is that he combines sounds and genres that would not be found in one and the same track by any other artist. As he said in an interview with Progressive Astronaut: "there is always that unexpected moment i hit a great chord progression or a melody that puts a smile on my face, then I can say it’s a journey into my personal universe." His remix is just about showing that diversity in a progression which this time ended up in a fantastic lighthearted and positive 90ies club track: A track that through the twists brings a lot of joy to the dance-floors.

"Never Enough" is the second original by Frasseck & Freitag establishing a meditative dubby flow that carries you gently but steadily from one corner of the dance floor to the next one. With a stunning hypnotic continuation of sounds and a rotation of funky programmed beats... we feel this is perfect music for the DJ and the crowd.

"Room 546" is a blend of super relaxed sounds and a driving arpeggiator that keeps the engine in a stead forward motion. It is also handcrafted music, played music that will not hesitate from making it personal and human.

"Mirror Sunset" is the last track and if you know Frasseck & Freitag, they will always return to the genre of dub techno in one way or the other. This track turns out to be a dreamy one, grand soft, gentle and very very comfy but with the proper BPMs so you can combine it with uptempo deep house tracks in your DJ set.

Release Date:                                                                   11. August 2023