Cosmic Sandwich - Mystic Space - Traum V290

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Cosmic Sandwich is back on Traum.

Steve Barnes has recorded on Traum, Trapez and MBF in the past and is now operating as Cosmic Sandwich with all music he releases. He has recorded a fresh 7 track EP featuring 4/4 trax as well as electro tracks and a single piece of ambient music.

All trax were recorded in his bedroom. Drawing on his experience with hardware synths and drum machines for over 20 years Steve manages to capture these moods he is known for with a selection of software.

The EP kicks off with "Connection 1" one of the rare four to the floor dance tracks he has done for a while. In comparison to the moody slow beat trax off his recent past "Connection 1" creates a bit of a shadow boxing alertness and tension. The beat is naturally very rhythmic and funky in combination with a forward motion.

"Orphic Cycle" is the second 4/4 track on the EP with chords opening up and shutting while sequences run like mad. This minimalist set up generates the tension we know from minimal techno from the the early stages and from some of Steve's music we released in the beginning, but  here appears in a more uptempo enhanced style.

"The Edge Of Beaing" is electro that combines urgency with playfulness producing little shifts in tempo to create dynamic in a great way.

"Mystik Space" is a track with a fantastic narrative quality. As the title reveals it is a mystic track while all sounds seem to float without gravity. A very good track "Infinity Affinity" has old-school beats meet new school sounds. Here very different sounds find a way to not only coexist but interact with each other in a fabulous way. This arrangement is quite architectural and uses the right amount of space to give the single sound attention.

"Disconnect" is for us the the unofficial minimalist instrumental "space version" of Inner City's "Big Fun".

"Cedar Wood" is the excellent ambient track on the EP and shows one big part of Steve's identity as a musician to capture moods with sounds in an exceptional way.

Release Date:                                                             15. December 2023