Arnodd - Fields EP - Traum V291

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Arnodd's musically step to the next generation!

For all the fans of Arnodd let us tell you that this EP is the next generation of Arnodd Music.

With his first EP in August 2020 on Traum under his name Øyvind he introduced a blend of introspection and energy often describing a tightrope between them. Slightly disturbing and hugely impressive with unheard sounds hand-cranked and soaked with atmospheres and space.

We feel his "Fields EP" exceeds

The EP kicks off with "Sines" that features a wavering melody that changes position between loneliness and hope. The mood is in a way romantic, like a returning memory in a golden patina! It therefore comes strong in contact with the cover which was also done by Arnodd.

"August" is a piano piece in a private electro acoustic quality while "Utopia" is a construct of played melodies with single tones that vibrate in a periodic motion around the center of mass. The mode is slow motion and gives every single element an almost visible quality. "Utopia" also exposes itself in a fashion which is touching.

"Valovi" is a beautiful piano piece that is joined by a synth melody to evolve into a heartfelt short epic.

Release Date:                                                                  12. January 2024