Waywell - Hangpan Series - Traum V292

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We welcome Waywell!

The British artist Waywell is famous for his deep chilled out downtempo trax. He fuses Electronic music with Jazz, Funk, Soul and Hip Hop His electronic music received features from DJ Mag, Clash Magazine and The 405 with his first commercial release of "Tube" in 2018. Taking influence from Bonobo, Pink Floyd and Four Tet, he has performed audio/visual live sets in and around Manchester, UK.

Waywell features with his new EP on Traum, uptempo music usually not associated with his name, however the feeling and the progression connect very much to the music he is known for.

Kicking off with "Forest Floor" which he produced together with Yani. The chilled and floating quality here is exceptionally. Everything evolves in a natural way like in nature.

The epic "On My Own" written with Yani and Setarab and as a result is a beautiful downtempo chilled out track very much connecting with his roots.

"Pushed To The Edge" is a bit more fractured with lively percussion and fast paced elements which provide the track with a spiritual feel.

Release Date:                                                                  26. January 2024