Kawari - Eternal Spring - Traum V297

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Kawari's new EP on Traum!

Luca Vergano, also known as Kawari, was born in 1989 in Turin, a city in northern Italy surrounded by the Alps. His passion for songwriting and jazz guitar stemmed from a desire to break away from a conventional life. Intrigued by diverse cultures, he always felt like a global citizen. At 16, he founded the electro-pop band Breakfast. Over the years, he evolved into a multi-instrumentalist musician and producer, crafting a sound influenced by international collaborations and travels. He collaborated with Cumbia and Milonga artists and worked with Cato, the bass player of Africa Unite. In 2017, he co-founded the band Okland, delving into a more electronic music approach. He also played guitar for the band Afrodream, performing at the Retba Festival in Senegal in 2018. Some European festivals where he showcased his music include Club To Club with Phoet, Fans Out, Indiegeno in Messina (Sicily), and Le Sonograf in Avignon. Inspired by manipulating digital and analog instruments, Kawari focuses on sound design to create a harmonious space for unique recordings. In 2020, he launched his solo electronic project Kawari, deriving its name from the last reflection of sunlight on seawater before sunset. This concept allows him to explore cultural richness and translate it into music with a gentle flow and motion, establishing a positive aura. In 2022, his tracks "Organic Love" and "Golden Waterfall" were featured on the TOUR DE TRAUM compilation series, showcasing his talent for crafting electronic music with captivating progressions that often venture into uncharted territories, a style we greatly appreciate.

His brand new EP "Eternal Spring" is also created with percussion, soft synths and guitars, generating a balance between melodic techno and progressive organic house. Musically it is an EP with a tranquil atmosphere, especially with its title track setting the tone. The title track "Eternal Sping" creates a serene and inviting universe that envelopes the listener 's soul with a soothing and harmonious vibe.

"Lights Through the Wall" transitions into a dance tune blending soothing and rich melodies, to craft a cinematic and expansive journey with a slow-motion feel.

On the other hand, "Slow Down" starts with a dramatic and forceful tone but evolves into a melodic house piece that gently brushes your soul with a heavenly feel while still delving deep into its essence.

Release Date:                                                                        07. Juni 2024