Mig Dfoe

My name Is Miguel Camacho, (Mig Dfoe). I'm from Morelia México, but since 4 years I have been living in Barcelona with my girlfriend where I'm doing a PhD on cancer treatments.

I have been producing music since 1998. I started some progressive music projects with my friend Erick Fernandez and we opened up a progressive rock band called „The Down World Band“.

Bands like Pink Floyd and Radiohead were the most influential music on that project.

After some local concerts I left the band and started my own projects.

It was 10 years ago when I started to use sequencers like Fruity Loops and Traktor.

At the beginning I started to remix the old songs and records we did in the past, and the results where so nice that they kept my
mind in electronic music.

Since I have been living in Barcelona I have increase my interest in Techno music. The range of electronic music was so amazing that I started to buy more elements for my home studio.

This year I did 3 remixes for Traum Schallplatten since then I have been working with the label which I fell really comfortable with.