Zaubernuss 01 - Mig Dfoe - The Stone Master

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Juan Miguel Camacho Sánchez aka Mig Dfoe is set to kick off the new label ZAUBERNUSS with his album debut “The Stone Master”.
Initiated by Riley and Jacqueline Reinhold from Traum Schallplatten, this label has been set up to release expressive emotional played music.

Mig Dfoe´s album “The Stone Master” is a result of long-term work with sequencers and the manipulation of sound. Over a period of 6 years he has learned to use them in many ways. Listening to the album one can solemnly remark: “there is a magician at work” or rather an “audio painter”?
To keep the human side in electronic music he plays all beats in real time. His “laboratory” work, has generated with „The Stone Master” a courageous and fantastic genre-bending piece of electronica.
Due to his way of improvisation, the listener is able to witness an ever evolving “work in progress”.
Mig Dfoe has played in various rock bands but sees the electronic and techno side of music as his current passion. And these influences also show in his debut, which is not afraid of making adventurous cross overs in every possible direction.

The cover art was made by Gerardo Ochoa, who is a painter and filmmaker, from Morelia Michoacan and is influenced by Dali and Buñuel.
His art is very much based on disturbing Catholicism.

Release date: 1st December 2010

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