Morris Cowan

Morris Cowan (aka Adam Taylor) carves out a distinctive style of colourful electronic music, drawing from house, techno, dub, minimal classical and post-rock. He is an exciting and unique new talent, and his forthcoming album 'Circa' marks a notable step forward in the refinement of his skills and an indication of his potential.

As a core member of the much hyped Nottingham-based Wigflex imprint, and releasing thus far as 'Taylor', Adam has earned a reputation for his productions; rich in subtlety and showcasing his aptitude for exquisite soundscapes and arrangements. He is an artist continually focused on the intricacies of his music, a reward for both headphone listeners and dancefloor shufflers alike. These qualities have attracted great interest, and led him to be picked up for further releases in 2010.
His recent offering, "CMB" on Super Recordings, is dripping with atmosphere and a glittering, otherworldly quality all his own.

Musical life for Adam began with the guitar, playing through classical grades from a young age. Becoming more creative with the instrument in his teens he formed a postrock group, and set about writing epic instrumentals of intricate, mutating melodies.

Now a master of digital manipulation, Adam's early song-writing nevertheless forms a strong basis for his present guise. As Morris Cowan, Adam is producing forwardthinking and hugely rewarding electronic music, which appeals to music-lovers regardless of affiliation. With each new production, Adam's skills are fine-tuned and new worlds of sound are explored.