Zaubernuss 02 - Morris Cowan - Circa

We welcome Morris Cowan with his debut album “Circa” on Zaubernuss.
Those who follow the releases on Traum might have noticed Morris has done remixes for us recently.
His remix of Ryan Davis on the “Routes of Life” release and the one for Thomas Bjerring and David Skog´s pop anthem “Ice” have made an impact on our friend and tastemaker Dominik Eulberg who sees in Morris Cowan an artist with a “strong vision” and “enormous talent”.
Morris Cowan is based in Manchester and has made himself a name as an extreme forward thinking artists who gives the term “song writing” a new meaning.
His genre bending quality is amazing as well as revealing.
Here electronica made with modern devices is taking in influences of experimental indie rock, dub step, techno and ambient.
Psychedelic moments remind us of one of our favourite UK bands: White Noise formed in London in 1969 by American born David Vorhaus.
“Circa” is a breathtaking artistic debut with an already strong developed “handwriting” of it's own.
If there is anything such as perfection, Morris Cowan has come very close to it!
You might call it the most modern release so far from the Traum Cosmos.
Morris Cowan twists and manipulations suggest a craftsmanship of an “audiopainter”... the flow, despite all musical content, is almost jazz stricken and as lively as a living organism!

Release date: 16th March 2011

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