Zaubernuss 03 - Morris Cowan - Circa Remixes

Applescal returns with a stunning remix of Morris Cowan’s “Desire Lane”  taken from his album “Circa”. Applescal persues here his style he has laid out in his two longplayers on Traum.
Starting heavy and allmost immobile the remix amounts to such heights of livelyness and deepness that it is sheer unbelievable... making a strong cut in dynamics... switching over to an dubstep like beat... it leaves you speechless.
Matthys who has recently remixed Max Cooper for Traum has remixed here “Hasten Chimera” in a bloomy and romantic way, still working with contradicting distortions that work nicely in their antagonistic way. Step by step the remix reates cool moments of Krautrock, so youd better stay in for a while to wittness the full climax of the mix.
Spada, known by Traum listeners for his fantastic remixes... gives his treat of transforming electronica (“Cavern Jive”) into a clubby-rubber groover with nice steady moments involving joy and brilliant moments of organic “Krautrock” feeling.
New act on Traum Microtrauma have also remixed “Cavern Jive” pronouncing a beat structure more linear and sounds more filtered in a kept under the surface way. This might be a DJ tool similar in that aspect to Spada’s remix.
Last but not least we are proud to feature again after a break of 10 years our Traum icon from early Traum days Philippe Cam! For all of you who know our music from the first days... Philippe has allways composed music in a most natural and life interacting-consuming way. Cam’s music for film has created a side project of electronic abstract music which we can witness here. His genuine way of filtering sounds and bringing things together has earned him an international standing with a big following in Japan.
Gianmarco Ghiandoni belongs to the alternative Italian music scene has his own label Technowagon recordings set up. His track "Apricots" was remixed by Luke Abbott of Border Community. His remix of "Desire Line" is a fantastic blend of harmonic melodies going towards chill out... reaching out at some point towards intense moments of psychadelica.

Release date: 27th April 2011

1. Desire Line
(Applescal Remix)

2. Hasten Chimera
(Matthys Remix)

3. Cavern Jive
(Spada Remix)

4. Cavern Jive
(Microtrauma Remix)

5. Cavern Jive
(Philippe Cam Remix)

6. Desire Line
(Ghianda Remix)

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