Zaubernuss 05 - Morris Cowan - Strands

With his 3rd release on Zaubernuss Morris Cowan offers a slightly different strand of his intentions and production. Three tracks that go in different directions. The releases opens with ”Thermal” reaching out towards independent music, also due to the voice of Duncan Edward Jones who is the front man of the band Silverclub.
“Thermal” evokes a spirit of Mancunian sentiment, although a bigger influence on the sound for him are bands like Slint. He brings together guitar music and pop song structure in a magic way... effortless... although by analysis it could be defined as quadro layered and hugely complex, unrestraint at times, but that does not sound sexy so we skip that.
“Dabsonsorbet” is a track colourful and versatile, as if painted by five hands at once. A replica of nature, too complex... but maybe not for Händel... and shiny, even reflective... can be compared to attempts on his album on Zaubernuss, although more gilden in colour.
“Galoured” is maybe the most “track like” or clubby track of all three. It unites discoish elements with melodic ambience and funk. Sounds a bit simple... but expect it too be as complex and full of juice as all of his tracks.
The first remix comes from Salford/Manchester based producer Empyrean, who we regard as a super talent and with whom we will release a full length album on Zaubernuss this year.
Empyrean lends the original of “Thermal” a “liquid character”... the track seems to flow and leak into “something” and then being collected and recycled.
The nature of the remix is rather abstract, outlines of the sounds capes are often soft and panoramic to say the least... but are counteracted by accurate and fine structures, which gives the whole mix that certain kind of antagonism, that makes music great music.
Within it lies a nice connection to black soul music when it comes to it’s inner feeling... which is throughout gentle and smooth.
Historically it fits nicely to the history of music out of Manchester. If you would try to visualise it... it would nicely go with a certain kind of overexposed “whitish” kind of film.
Remix two comes from Italian artist Vaghe Stelle aka Daniele Mana from Torino/Italy. His remix goes in the opposite direction.
He has won the Elettrowave Challenge and a live performance in Paris venue Le Tryptique, played 2005 at Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle.
His remix for Morris Cowen is very much IDM-inspired, challenging and tough at times... and much more on the beat side than on the melodic one.
So maybe this is not a typical Vaghe Stelle remix as you know it.

Release date: 12th October 2011

1. Thermal
feat. Duncan Edward Jones

2. Dabsonsorbet

3. Galored

4. Thermal
feat. Duncan Edward Jones (Empyrean remix)

5. Thermal
feat. Duncan Edward Jones (Vaghe Stelle remix)

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