Zaubernuss 08 - Olaf Stuut - Over The Hill EP

It has taken some time to put together a new Zaubernuss since we really wanted to present something with quality.
The concept on Zaubenuss is still the same, electronic quality music which is not necessarily dj inspired but a product of music making full stop. The Dutch artist Olaf Stuut has all that quality and so here comes the first Zaubernuss after what seems to be a break for months and months.
"Over The Hill" is an extraordinary track that could be a hybrid of Derrick May’s "Strings Of Life" transferred into the year 2013.
This is a true masterpiece highly emotional and contains all the compositorial aspects of modern electronica, including the breaks which are highly contextual and enhance the part before it.
Olaf Stuut plays melodies like no other, well maybe he is in the tradition of Nathan Fake in this respect maybe not. Olaaf has freed himself very much of traditional production forms and you may find him speeding up a piece of the track and slowing it down… you will never really find out unless you sneak into the tracks structure which could be hard because they are one big epic piece of music… very often. A natural talent with a great future.
"Love" has an equally high profile. All things seem to float and assemble themselves by magic. The track has a lot of indie feeling going with it but contains also a lot of folk and R`B and whatever… "Love" makes a courageous cross over, that is what "Love" is all about building bridges were there are none. This is great tracks, very individual, very personal, very intense... very good.
"Seasons" sounds like the mighty pulse of the world around you. The ambience is darkish and almost haunting… or rather remote in clear sight of things but still far away enough to feel borders. Orchestral passage approaching hitting hard disappearing… this track is a soundtrack for the dried up river beds and wet climate zones. People use to call this music avant-garde years ago... maybe that genre should be re-activated... Olaf Stuut would be one of the guys who should be asked to join.
"Lost In Sanity" is another slow grinding piece of exotic electronica! This could be our friend Luciano with malaria in bed musically speaking. Sound bends, lengths are shortened, time does not exist.
"Ouroboros" spits out wailing sounds, flickering sequences arpeggiator sounds and makes use of claps that slap you in the face in a hard way. We are not forgetting the orchestral bits in this track… but this would take it too far. Listen yourself and enjoy the ride!   

Release date: 30th January 2013

1. Over The Hill

2. Love

3. Seasons

4. Lost InSanity

5. Ouroboros

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