Zaubernuss 09 - Drol. - Aurora

Born in Montpellier, inspired by online rpgs, movie scores and electro jazz, Drol. has been travelling worldwide for most of his youth.

It’s was only a few years ago, on a Canadian road trip, that he got the idea to create his own musical world. Influenced by nature and its elements, Drol. worked on translating his vision of our present into music, creating a safe place to hide in a fast-moving world.

A few years later, he’s is here with a fresh musical wave, blending 80's beat loops, arpeggiated melodic lines and old fashioned synths under layered by atmospheric pads.

Drol. is a cinematic trip, somewhere between down tempo and trip hop, where mind is used as a travel device. The EP kicks off with "Aurora", a road trip, an encounter with nature where synths bubble like oxygen under water and strings play melodies of eternal beauty.

  "This Exact Day" is clouded in shades of grey, where melodies live their lives in sheltered homes… near lakes that reflect their erratic surface.

"Sleepwalk" wakes you up in the morning with sounds and movements of the early hours when things just start to get into gear.

"Green Life" is more quirky and feels like a fast motion of a plant growing process, going through all of the stages.

"Squirrel Suicide" is tale about life and death, with played raw synth sounds by Drol. and refined stereo sounds.

The last track of the release "Morning Bird" feels in the beginning like a pencil drawing of comic figures on white paper but grows in complexity and mixes perfectly with the other tracks by conquering the stillness of the early hours with elegant strides.   

Release date: 20th March 2013

1. Aurora

2. This Exact Day

3. Sleepwalk

4. Green Life

5. Squirrel Suicide

6. Morning Bird

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