MBF12042 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Live is Life

Bukaddor & Fishbeck´s forth EP on MBF is again another step further into a slightly different direction.
As we have witnessed everyone of their record´s has been different so far. "Nachtexpress/ Long distance call" stood for hypnotic repetitive contemplative music, "Less/ Polterabend" for dynamic rocking heavy duty techno house, "Supaglass/ Campus" added a touch of pop and smoothness... their new record "Live is Life/ Mr. Floppy" is definitely the most stripped down percussive record they have done so far.
The beat phreak track "Live is Life" evolved from their recent live gigs in Rome. It is a very direct "hands up in the air" monster.
We think Richie Hawtin will be able to relate to that tune since it evokes feelings of the past which arouse when dancing to Plastikman records. Now with "Live is Life" the force is also the unbelievable heavy bassline which is the motor for the track together with the determined percussive onslaught.
"Live is Life" is definitely a DJ track which will mix in well with a lot of minimal records, but the fatness of this one will show for sure.
"Mr. Floppy" is closer to their track "Campus" much bolder and softer, but very percussive and funky.
Probably the track which is less extreme but will work in many sets since it´s less demanding, has cool breaks to relax and dynamic shifts which are all very well thought out.
We can see this record will be a real DJ weapon, so don´t miss it.

Release date: 21st April 2008

A. Live is Life

B. Mr. Floppy