MBF12045 - Pierce & Jerl - Blanc de Blancs

The second record from the Cologne duo Pierce & Jerl!
Both are active in the techno and electronic scene and have been producing since many years. Now they have joined forced to produce two records for MBF.
The title track of the second record "Blanc de Blancs" is focused around a joyfully uplifting techno house tune. The bright sequence is the motor of the track that is fuelled by a strong groove with a monster bassline and tricky percussion.
"Blanc de Noirs" on the flipside is much more tricky in the beats with a very unique groove that challenges the dancer to freak out on the dance floor.
A super track for DJ sets at sunrise.

Release date: 21st July 2008

A. Blanc de Blancs

B. Blanc de Noirs