MBF12046 - SLAJH - Red Carpet Mile

SLAJH is a new project by Steve Lawler and Jimmy Hill.
We have heard a lot of superb records by Steve Lawler recently in combination with other producer friends, so we were happy to take Steve and Jimmy on when they approached us. The vinyl contains two tracks which are different in style, but contain a similar musical theme.
The a-side track "Red carpet Mile" starts quite minimal, then introduces an electro bassline and later establishes a musical theme which has a progressive touch.
All these elements are held together by a grand production and a lot of DJ experience. The so to speak "Latin percussion" is a winner and ads a loose and cool feeling to the tightness of the track.
The flipside track "White Pockets" works more in the direction of modern techno dub with moments not much different to the ones of Basic Channels but fuses them with the sound design of minimal techno.
That works very well which is a bit of a surprise, but as said above Steve and Jimmy have a feeling for what works on dance floors.

Release date: 18 August 2008

A. Red Carpet Mile

B. White Pockets

Digital. White Pockets
(Doppelschichts "Drop the bottle" Mix")