MBF12047 - Michel Cleis - Dixie on Monday

We have been in contact with Michel Cleis since a DJ gig in Lausanne, quite a while ago now. Michel grew up with soul and jazz music and studied psychology. He has spent long periods in Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid where he assembled sound material which is relevant for his productions nowadays.
Michel refers to himself as an eclectic person which has lead him to opening a rock band. In the past he has also produced some pop titles for prestigious American labels, but his love for "shakin music" and the interest in the interaction with humanism and creativity have put him in contact with likeminded people.
Next to his many projects he is now increasingly active as a techno producer. Meanwhile Michel has released a record on Cadenza and with "Dixie on Monday" will release his first record on MBF.
His 12" for MBF is a very strange and authentic one. It comes with two very different tracks. "Dixie on Monday" is a 12 minute groove rider with lots of percussion whereas "Deconstructed" is more direct and in a Chicago house style, still dark and weird at times.
The digital bonus remix of "Deconstructed" comes from the new Cologne artist Koook. His energetic stripped down remix has a more linear but at the same time funky dynamic to it and could be a monster remix for clubbers who like a more direct approach in music.

Release date: 15 September 2008

A. Dixie on Monday

B. Decontructed

Digital 1. Deconstructed
(Koook's "Binary Nutcracker" Remix")

Digital 1. Dixie on Monday
(Short mix)