MBF12049 - Citizen Kain - Joker of the Queen

Citizen Kain had their first release with MBF and created quite a stir with their pounding a-side track „Doppelgänger“ seven months ago.
Their new ep „Joker of the Queen“ is a legitimate follow up with its monstrous bad drums and hitting percussions and ghostly whispers!
The a-side and title track „Joker of the Queen“ is sheer rave alarm with fog, strobe and 303. The alternation of beat, breaks and cool rave sounds creates a cool techno environment.
„Borderline“, „Morning Glory“ and „En Apparte“ are brothers of the same kind and close the door on Citizen Kain´s new rave sound.
As a digital bonus track we see another Koook remix popping up. After remixing Michel Cleist´s „Deconstructed“ the mysterious man has again put his hands on samples and has produced a brilliant remix of „Joker of the Queen“.

Release date: 17th November 2008

A. Joker of the Queen

B. Borderline

Digital 1. Morning Glory

Digital 2. En Apparte

Digital 3. Joker of the Queen
(Koook remix)

Digital 4. Joker of the Queen
(Doppelschicht's Hands Over Rmx)