MBF12050 - Jaxson & Brede - Honeymooner

Jaxson is a techno legend in his own time. He has done virtually the whole club thing, from running his own club, record shop and label to releasing great hit records like „Wanted“ on Cadeaux and releases with Get Physical and Confused.
He is a true believer of club culture and an techno animal! Now he has produced his first record for MBF together with the excellent Highgrade artist Brede.
Their title track „Honeymooner“ quotes a string composition which once was called the saddest piece of string music in the world, but fits into the catchy minimal beat programming. The composition works like one of these hits you just can't get enough of. It's a real rave track and it puts a smile to your face when you hear it. 
The flipside track „Dolly Scroll“ is a great deal more low key, tracky and cool, relying heavily on the beats.
Jaxson & Brede´s first digital bonus track sweet „Nikita“ let's the party begin.
We find another 3 digital bonus remixes here as well.
Why is this? Well the Jaxson posse is just too big to fit on to one piece of vinyl. So we find here a brilliant „Honeymooner“ remix by Stashrider, the man who wrote that mega seller called „Voodoo“ some time ago. He really gets the hit machine going on this one.
The new big new talent from Cologne Helge Kuhl picks up a different part of the piece of string music and makes this remix of „Honeymooner“ really emotional in a big way.
Last but not least Mono Maki´s digital mix of „Dolly Scroll“ is another great dance version of that track. 
But enough of words let the music speak for itself. 

Release date: 19th january 2009

A. Honeymooner

B. Dolly Scroll

Digital 1. Nikita

Digital 2. Honeymooner
(Stashrider remix)

Digital 3. Honeymooner
(Helge Kuhl remix)

Digital 4. Dolly Scroll
(Mono Maki remix)