MBF12051 - Piemont - Strange World Beyond

Featured here are 4 tracks, on vinyl, taken from Piemont's album "Strange World Beyond" available as CD003 and MP3 download.
Piemont aka Fredric Möring-Sack and Christian de Jonquières are not a product of the minimal techno of now, but have been with the scene for much longer, being influenced by advanced technology and sound design as well as the history of electronic music.
The duo has the gift of bringing things together in a way that makes their sound so special: modern sound design fused with a fantastic sense for funky beat programming and a good sense for clubby moments that was developed by their live appearances and gigs.
Piemont have recently played in The Cocoon Club, toured Japan and have played festivals and clubs all around Europe and will play showcases during their album tour which starts in January 2009.
For Piemont a track is never finished. The doubt of never being able to live up to the ideal of „the perfect song“ is a source of creativity for them, keeping them striving for more interesting arrangements and sounds.
That Piemont's background is not solely a techno one but includes many influences they can draw on, can be witnessed by their sympathy for different musical styles on their album.

Release date: 19th january 2009

A1. Eyeshine

A2. Digits Died Out

B1. Lighter Than Seawater

B2. Loss Of Focus

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