MBF12053 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Tandem

The 5th release of Bukaddor and Fishback on MBF and the Cologne-Duesseldorf duo shows that there is more in the bag then what they have done in the past.
The a-Side “Tandem” might be characterised as a post Chicago tune with a specific Germanic twist... but that might not even be true. What is true is that it makes the party goers go wild in the clubs. This track is a force. Unconventional quick changes in the dynamic, rocking synth sounds, we have never witnessed Bukaddor & Fishbeck in this way.
Bukaddor & Fishbeck just love to make music. You can feel it means a lot to them and that is it really played instead of arranged step by step in the computer. As they like to change the perspective from time to time (as we have witnessed with “Nachtexpress” in the past ), this new tune draws on the highly energetic side of theirs, as witnessed by their rocking live appearances worldwide.
“Tandem” is a peak time techno “off beat” monster working rhythmically like “Polterabend” with big basslines but adding much more sounds, some of them with an experimental edge to them... as Bukaddor likes to experiment in his studio a lot!
“Monofolder” on the b-side is a bassy monster with a lot of understatement.  A cool slick minimal groover, with lots of percussive elements used in an orthodox way and short intervals of “late night “chords that have a ghostly feel to them.
“Monofolder” is a super groover, effortless... a perfect flow... We will see this track being mixed with a lot of contemporary tunes in the mix, this is a dead cool track with lots of productions skills.

Release date: 16th March 2009

A. Tandem

B. Monofolder

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