MBF12055 - Kaiserdisco - Zapateria

The best band name in the world, deserved to be treated with good music.
After their big success with the mad track “Pipe” Kaiserdico´s new “Espandrillo” track leaves big marks on the surface of every beach in Spain. The track has a brutal and mighty production and surprises with vocals that we will never be able to translate.
The topic of the EP is footwear and we witness here that Espandrillos are the perfect footwear for raving techno tunes. Then we have the “Sandalia” track which is more techno, uptempo and rocking and less gentle than “Espandrillo”!
The third track “Descalzo” (eng. Barefoot) is more cool and funky. It has very cool loops and is just perfect since very little happens but it keeps the groove till the bitter end in perfect harmony.
The wonderfully fitting flip-flop photo used for the cover art was taken by Oliver Hacke.

Release date: 18 May 2009

A. Espandrillo

B1. Sandalia

B2. Descalzo

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