MBF12059 - Piemont - Shipyard

Their new EP "Shipyard" is Piemont at their best... we would not have it another way... magnetic beat-bassline monsters, funky and rigid at the same time... you might call it Germanic and it reminds us of Dadaism in the 20ies in Germany with it's theme: non-sense makes more sense?
The a-side track „Shipyard“ has all of this, a fusion of old school with blowing horns and massive hi-tech technology. Well we know the release is about Hamburg harbour... but what the f..ck does it matter.
The b1-track "Cargo" is as heavy and bulky as you can imagine a track to be with this name... but if you know Piemont, you know they make even heavy tracks funky.
The b2- track "Dockyard" is the deepest track on the 12" and shows that Piemont will continue their liking for deeper music which they revealed for the fist time on their recant album „Strange World Beyond“ on MBF.
The digital bonus track comes by Tony Matt, who has pimped up "Dockyard", eventually to become a main force on the DJ floor for all of you who like the newest MBF developments.

Release date: 21 September 2009

A. Shipyard

B1. Cargo

B2. Dockyard

Digital 1. Dockyard (Tony Matt Remix)

Digital 2. Shipyard (Sql "Dub" remix)

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