MBF12060 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Bonus Meilen

New design, new ideas, Bukaddor & Fishbeck took a break from producing while playing a lot of live gigs and are back now, better than ever.
Bukaddor & Fishbeck have put some thought into doing something a bit different this time, something more clubby... which reinforces our opinion that B&F are true musicians who cannot be limited to one facet. Their new 12” ”Bonusmeilen” pays tribute to the funky side of disco but also goes along with modern techniques they have developed which are more on the side of modern techno than anything else.
Their a-side track “Bonusmeilen” bursts with energy right from the beginning and get's very close to exploding. We know that and certainly they do too!
Skilfully including lots of small sounds and mini breaks cutting into the rhythm creating an unbelievable tension, B&F play around celebrating what we know is a “Grande coupe” of theirs. Meanwhile the tension rises to an incredible level. When a trumpet cuts through, one can guess what is to come and still then B&F play it cool. What happens then one has to hear and feel because one thing after the other takes place and the trumpet after all makes its way into the tracks and tears it apart and if you think this is the end of the story it is not.
Saying that, we come to the flipside track:”Riffpunk”. This track has destroyed dance floors during their live sets so we can expect to get a bit of emotion with this one. Well similarities with Daft Punk are truly coincidental, but slapping chords and funky guitars create feelings in a big way, well for how long have we not heard these and have we ever heard them in a techno track? B&F make it possible and although they have always made changes in style with their MBF releases, it is truly a special track also for them. Well join and plunge into the colourful world of “Riffpunk” and throw your hands up in the air to one of their most emotional trax so far!
As a digital bonus we look forward to a powerful remix of „Bonusmeilen“ by the Hamburg duo Kaiserdisco and a slamming remix of „Riffpunk“ by Roland M. Dill, who is well known by now for his „Disco Bus“, Extrawelt and Minilogue remixes.

Release date: 19 October 2009

A. Bonusmeilen

B. Riffpunk

Digital 1. Bonusmeilen
(Kaiserdisco remix)

Digital 2. Riffpunk
(Roland M Dill's "Bunker Down" remix)

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