MBF12061 - Kaiserdisco - Cocktail

Yes, the world can be a cocktail and Kaiserdisco are surfing on a wave of success following their track “Espandrillo”. “Espandrillo” made it into the Richie Hawtin US bus tour 2009 chart and has been re-entering charts worldwide for numerous times since.
We think that with “Amalfino” Kaiserdisco will be hitting the top 10 charts of many DJ´s again. “Amalfino” is a strong driving percussive track that builds on child vocals, creating a bit of a fairy-light atmosphere within a massive production.
“Bailetteo” is a track that can be understood a bit as a continuation of “Amalfino” working with similar vocals but has less of a peak time formula.
With “Carachillo” Kaiserdisco have added a cool and deep, housy track with Indian vocals and samples, which could be cool for the house community.
The bonus track is a remix of their hit “Espandrillo” by producer in demand Okain. The mix works stronger with housy chords, floats more steady and so provides the original with a strong housy note!

Release date: 16 November 2009

A. Amalfino

B1. Bailetto

B2. Carachillo

Digital. Espandrillo (Okain remix)

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