MBF12062 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Raedereichen

Yes the duo from Cologne-Dusseldorf is back with a monster track!
“Raedereichen” is a track that you cannot estimate before you have heard it loud or even better in a club.
A track direct as “Polterabend” and with quite a bit of a live experience, with a superb flow and monster bassline.
Talking about minimalism and the lost magic of this genre this is a monster which creates it´s own genre of new Techno-Rave!
“Rolling Stoned” on the flipside is like always with Bukaddor & Fish beck records, a strong musical contrast to the a-side.
This track is certainly more accessible and comforting, less demanding, more bouncy and yes it is a sexy beast, a groove machine, a ghost track, a raw diamond with spaces well polished by sound-designer Bukaddor.
MBF has got new signed artist Deepchild involved for one of his slamming but deep remixes of "Readereichen". Only Deepchild can pull off this palette so gracefully, converting the stripped down minimal groover into a post Detroit "funky monster" to keep also those DJ´s happy who are looking for the moody side of techno.

Release date: 25 January 2009

A. Raedereichen

B. Rolling Stoned

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