MBF12063 - Piemont - Underpass

„Underpass“ is one of these typical Piemont “monsters”, that seem so accessible and neat but develop a “second life” once you‘ve been exposed to them.
What starts of as being abstract becomes almost catchy and sweet and soulful. Well this could be categorised as futuristic Post-Chicago-Techno, if we only knew what this was. Amazing sound design,1001 sounds melting together in total harmony, sliced beats and vocals so accurately that they all fall happily into each others arms. If you don’t dig this then there is something wrong with you.  
“Twice as Long”, well we do not know what they are referring to, but we recon this could apply to the deepness of this fantastic “super bouncy” track. This in a positive way “silly” and uplifting track has all the guts of a grand Piemont track, that ought to keep all the die-hard MBF fans happy.
  The third track on the vinyl 12” is “Walkway”. A P-Funk monster with so much understatement that is makes glass break! This track is a pure soul seduction, a psychedelic ride maintaining the suspense and emotion present in all of their work whilst increasing the sense of “funk”.
This track tackles Oslo funk and frankly this track has more funk than 99% tracks around.
The new duo Intuitiv has recently emerged from the vibrant new Cologne techno scene.
Karsten Lutz and Kai Santanius give their debut with this stunning remix of Piemont´s track "Underpass". Their remix shows a great knowledge for weaving up rhythmic patterns into a perfect groove entirely suited to the peak time dance floor. Balanced with a tense breakdowns and a saxophone hook line, it keeps you on the edge of your seat or throwing your hands into the air in best imaginable fashion.
Piemont have  created with „Underpass“ a stunning piece of rocking dance tools showing a versatility  that sets them apart from the school of “monoculture music”, an irresistible treat for Piemont fans!

Release date: 15 February 2010

A. Underpass

B1. Twice As Long

B2. Walkway

Digital 1. Underpass (Intuitiv Remix)

Digital 1. Underpass (Sql Remix)

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