MBF12064 - Kaiserdisco - Pez Gordo

Kaiserdisco are floating on a wave of success, storming the charts like no other!
Seductive percussive tracks that always succeed in formulating a real musical theme that is the essence of what makes their tracks attractive for so many of us.
Kaiserdisco´s track “Amalfino” climbed higher in the charts than any of their tracks before making it into the top15 of Beatport´s overall sale charts and still is present there, 2 months after the release!
After big tunes such as “Amalfino” and “Espandrillo” Kaiserdisco present their new monster:
“Aguja”. “Aguja“ is a breathtaking track. Once you have heard that track you will say to yourself, these guys have done it again! This may as well be the peak time of their career if you think about it.
Craving on spiritual vocal passages, diverse musical-themes and certainly a bit of the Kaisersmadness, that track combines all of it!
“Aguja “builds up tension with a strong tribal beat Kaiserdisco is so famous for, then plunges into a lush melody that creates huge waves on the dance floor, signalising and finally establishing a bit of a happy perspective.
“Cailon” is a cool groover, more steady, deep and repetitive, light-footed in it’s own way. It is equipped with a massive bassline and the drive, vocals stabs and nice deep chords that make the track breathe. The little brother of “Aquja”, peak time music with deeper moments.
Shifting towards hypnotic beats even a step further, “Bacaloa” shows their passion for different states of consciousness which helps them to create a superb bandwidth of music. This track can be played with a lot of funky deeper house around right now.

Release date: 15th March 2010

A. Aguja

B1. Cailon

B2. Bacalao

Digital. Amalfino (Hermanez rmx)

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